A quiet season

buy clomid online using paypal This hurricane season, as it winds down, as been very quiet in the Atlantic. With original projections suggesting a repeat of last year’s hyper activity, this quiet season came as a great relief. For the first time in 2 years, Gulf Shores did not have to worry about flooding, high winds, or evacuations. In light of this, this entry will be my final hurricane update of the year barring a rogue storm popping up.

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take a look at the site here Unfortunately, hurricanes are not our only threat. This Wednesday we will be facing what should be a “moderate” risk of severe weather/tornadic weather. Rain will be plentiful, but the real issue will be a very condusive environment for rotating storms (supercells) bringing hail, straight-line winds, tornados, and flooding. This is an event that should be closely monitored in the LA, AR, MS, AL, and GA areas.