Pre Season Hurricane Preparedness

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this website Hurricane Preparedness Week for 2011 will be held May 22nd through May 28th.

i thought about this If you live in or near a Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic coastal area of the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean Islands, Hispaniola or the Central American countries, please visit the NOAA Website linked below for important Hurricane preparedness information. New residents in coastal areas should pay particular attention the preparedness recommendations and start planning for any eventuality now, before the season starts. For persons who have lived in hurricane prone areas for some time, please review the preparedness recommendations so everything is in order. There are already indications that the 2011 season will be somewhat active and we are already seeing disturbances in the Atlantic and Caribbean that usually do not occur until late May or early June.

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Our Tropical Weather System Studies Group will start posting Tropical Weather System advisories as they develop. Until then, thank you… take care and be safe.

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The NHC gives Invest 91L a 20% chance of developing into a tropical or sub-tropical system over the next 48 hours. After that time conditions become much less favorable for development. The GFS Models show the potential system approaching south Florida.