Sub Tropical Storm Ana – First named storm of the 2015 season

my review here Sub-Tropical Storm Ana – First named storm of 2015 Sub-Tropical Storm Ana formed off the coast of South Carolina late Thursday. This storm does not show Tropical characteristics, but has an off shore closed core with central winds just over 55 MPH. Ana will very slowly drift to the north making landfall near Litchfield Beach, South Carolina early Sunday morning. The storm will track inland through North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and into New England, following the coast as a weakened low pressure area into mid week. Persons along the US Atlantic coast from South Carolina to Maine can expect high surf, rip currents, heavy rain, gusty wind and some lowland flooding through late Tuesday, May 12. There is no chance that this storm will strengthen to Hurricane strength, so this will be our only unofficial report on Sub Tropical Storm Ana.

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“These are not official advisories. These updates and advisories are based upon information from our own computer models, NOAA, Local Weather Data Centers, deep water Buoy Data, and other publicly available sources. FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR PROPERTY AND PERSON, please refer to your Local, State, and Federal Authority updates for Official Advisories and Orders. For up to the minute advisories and official updates, it is essential that you monitor your local Emergency Government, NOAA and Local Media Broadcasts. Please do not make personal safety decisions based upon information presented here.”

Tropical Storm Research Center, Gulf Shores, Alabama.


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Possible Sub-tropical Storm Ana

An area of low pressure off the eastern seaboard near Georgia and the Carolinas is on the verge of becoming the seasons first named storm.  While acquiring more tropical characteristics before landfall most likely in the Carolinas, if Ana forms, she is not expected to reach hurricane status at this time.   Those along the eastern Seaboard should monitor the situation and could expect to see tropical storm conditions in the next few days.  This system will not affect our primary area, the Northern Coast of the Gulf of Mexico.


Please review seasonal preparedness information one post down.

2015 Tropical Storm and Hurricane Season Preparedness Information.

The official Tropical Storm and Hurricane Season runs from June 01 through November 30 each year. The Tropical Storm Research Center volunteer staff has analyzed, tracked, evaluated and posted ‘unofficial’ advisories and updates on all named Tropical Storms and Hurricanes since 2006. Our record regarding storm tracks, landfall intensities and locations has been a bit more accurate than some official reporting agencies.

With the 2015 Tropical Storm and Hurricane Season at hand, we have already been evaluating potential storm development in the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico for several weeks. Our computer modeling software is running and we are ready to help you keep yourself and your family advised, unofficially, in the face of these devastating storms. We hope that you will use the link that we are providing below to the National Hurricane Center “Preparedness Week” website. We strongly suggest that everyone who lives along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of the US review the information presented in this NOAA site. Preparedness Week 2015 runs from May 24 to May 30.

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The Tropical Storm Research Center volunteer staff is on the job and watching. We will post information on all named storms and thank you for following us here at . Please watch for reports and analysis of any pre-season activity.   Take care and Be Safe.