Recap – Hurricane Michael – 2018

Hurricane Michael will go into down in weather history as one of the most powerful and devastating Hurricanes on record for a United States Landfall.
The lowest barometric pressure was recorded at 919 mb (27.14 in) just before landfall near Panama City Beach and Mexico Beach, Florida, on Wednesday, October 10, mid day… the third lowest pressure on record for an Atlantic basin Hurricane.   Winds were measured at 155+ MPH with gusting to 176 MPH before the measuring equipment was destroyed. The storm surge in many locations to the east of the eye was between 10 and 14 feet with 25 to 35 foot waves on top of that.

First responders have been making progress in their search and rescue efforts but we fear that the death toll will increase as inaccessible areas are finally reached.

Our volunteer staff at TSRC is keeping all victims of this catastrophic hurricane in our thoughts and prayers.