Severe Weather Update

Today’s weather and tonight’s/tomorrow’s severe weather events have been well to our north, and at this point I expect that we here in the Gulf Shores area will not experience the brunt of this squall line, unlike Dumas which was hit hard earlier today with tornado damage.

While I would not go so far as to say that we are completely out of the woods on a severe weather as the line is marching onward with some storms moving at a whopping 75mph.

After this risk, the next potential appears to be manifesting around March 1, 2007.

Overnight tonight and into the morning, I would expect numerous tornado warnings for Mississippi and most of Alabama with the storms weakening towards the morning then perhaps re-intensifying as they move into/cross into Georgia.

As the system rumbles through Alabama, I will provide more updates.

One Reply to “Severe Weather Update”

  1. Looks eerily similar except that I expect the “strong stuff” to materialize over the Alabama region as opposed to the last system which demonstrated the most intensity in Lousiana.

    Additionally, there will be more instability with this system which could preclude several supercells rumbling through the area.

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