Oil Spill

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Forecasters predict impact in our area as early as Sunday. If this threat materializes, we will provide information as to what precautions to take as well as where to obtain training to aid in the rescue of animals distressed by this event.

The following is a transcript of an email an associate was sent in regards to the potential necessity of rescuing wildlife in the areas affected:
go to my blog We are trying to contact as many people as I have contact information for in the South Mississippi and South Alabama area regarding assistance in passing along critical information regarding the oil spill. Currently, the Pascagoula River Audubon Center is coordinating with other entities to assist in response to oil coming ashore in this area. We are attempting to get word out to the general public about what they are to do if they come in contact with an oiled/injured bird or animal. If you would please consider passing this along in whatever method you would like (email, facebook, phone, etc), it would be greatly appreciated. Here is the advice given:

oxytrol patch uk Do not touch the bird or animal! The material is toxic to you! Call the Oiled Bird Hotline at 1-866-557-1401 and give the following information:

1 – where is the animal/bird located exactly
2 – your name
3 – your phone number
4 – your address

At this time, we are taking names to be added to a list of potential volunteers who would be willing to attend a training in dealing with oiled birds. This workshop has NOT been set yet, but we are on standby to provide names and numbers of willing participants. You may call 228/475-0825 and give your name and number. If that training is set, you will be contacted with details.

Thanks to all of you for considering passing this along to friends and family, and asking them to do the same.